Welcome to Permakai, your friendly farmers in Waiuku.

“Live as though you’ll die tomorrow, but farm as though you’ll live forever.” ― John Marsden

We, Jennifer and Rory, moved onto our lifestyle block in November 2015 and have converted it to a market garden growing a range of seasonal vegetables and herbs. Our flock of friendly hens give us free range eggs which we also sell and donate to the local food bank.

In our goal to be as self-sufficient as possible we make our own compost and save our own seeds. Most of our bed preparation, sowing, transplanting, and harvesting is done manually. We make minimal use of technology where appropriate and are always looking at new ways to improve our tools and methods.

Most of our production is for the wholesale market although we sell a limited range of seasonal vegetables through our online shop and locally at organic stores and farmers markets. We offer a weekly box subscription service

Our gardens are designed following the twelve principles of Permaculture to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. To maximise yield and minimise labour and resources we follow the bio-intensive method of growing developed by John Jeavons, and the modern farmer techniques of Elliot Coleman.

Bio-dynamic preparations are used to improve our soil and strengthen our crops, and we sow and transplant according to the bio-dynamic moon calendar. We gained full organic certification in 2020 with OFNZ 1483

Looking to the future, we believe that with the increasing rate of change of our planet we need to move beyond living sustainably to developing a resilient way of life. Only by being resilient will we be able to adapt quickly to changing environmental and social patterns. Members of resilient communities know each other and cooperate rather than compete.

It is our hope that by working together we can form a resilient community based on the ethics and principles of permaculture.

Our approach to resilience includes

  • Education and training. We have a 3-month intern programme that aims to provide participants with the skills and inspiration to set up their own operation. We also have a schools programme available where we host students and teach them how to grow their own food.
  • Supporting new farmers. We have space for anyone who wants to develop their own market garden using our tools and techniques. See mention of us in Stuff
  • We also offer a design and development service for those who want to grow vegetables but do not know where to start – see Permagrow
  • Strengthening communities. We regularly host different communities and groups on our farm.

If you want to visit or learn more please contact us.

Permaculture Design Certificate

Our PDC has been a couple of years in the making – click for details


Bill Mollison, one of the founders of Permaculture, has said: “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.”


This is a Maori term meaning “food, meal.”


Growing food according to the principles of Permaculture

You can check us out on https://www.facebook.com/permakai/


We are on a mission to get everyone growing and producing food for themseleves, their family, and their community. Often the hardest part is starting out i.e. digging the ground. To help with this we have set up Permagrow – check out what we can do for you.