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Why these workshops?

Sustainability, Food Sovereignty and Resilience are core concepts in this day and age. Sustainability focuses on maintaining ecological balance by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy systems and conserving natural resources. Food Sovereignty is an approach that respects the rights of local populations to access healthy and culturally appropriate food, while Resilience refers to the capacity of societies to respond positively when faced with sudden changes or shocks.

These three concepts are closely intertwined, as they all aim to create more equitable and sustainable societies where everyone can have access to clean air, water and food sources without destroying our environment or depleting its resources.

Resilience is about more than just having the courage to go on when things get difficult. It's about the ability to adapt and find solutions when faced with adversity. In an ever-changing world, resilience gives us the tools to navigate difficult times with agility and strength. By embracing our resilience, we can face any challenge and remain strong in times of hardship. It is a crucial life skill that allows us to bounce back from setbacks and build our capacity for success in the long run.

Our courses will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of resilience, understand why resilience matters in so many aspects of life, develop strategies for building and maintaining resilience under stress and find ways to stay positive no matter what challenges come your way.

Currently available

Permakai Permaculture Design Certificate 

Permaculture is a system of design principles and practices that can be applied to any type of land - urban, rural, or wild. It’s an ethical as well as practical approach to land management that focuses on meeting human needs while simultaneously preserving the natural world around us.
A Permaculture Design Certificate course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain new skills and knowledge in sustainable and resilient living. It offers you the chance to get hands-on with experts, learn new techniques, and network with like minded people.

Our PDC runs once a month for 12 months. Its held on our farm and gives you the opportunity to see and experience permaculture in every season. A great mix of classroom theory and on the farm practical work means you will not only know what to do but have the confidence to do it.

This PDC fulfills the requirements of the international permaculture curriculum and upon satisfactory completion you will receive a certificate recognised by PiNZ and internationally.

Permaculture in a nutshell

In this workshop, you will learn about the ethics and principles of Permaculture. You will have the opportunity to design your own Permaculture project so bring your needs and your ideas and you will take away a basic design based upon permaculture design principles.

This is a great way to learn about sustainable living practices and experience Permaculture in action.

Pruning workshop

We hold this workshop in the winter and again in the summer.

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Land survey practice, an essential skill for a Permaculture designer.
Survey practice - an essential designer skill

Becoming certified organic

  • Why become certified
  • How to complete your PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PLAN
    • The basic information about you and your property
    • Property history, your overall vision and your year-on-year management practices
    • Describing the activities of the current year
  • How to handle the audit
  • Post audit activities

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Under development are:

Composting systems

  • Hot composting
  • Worm farm
  • Bokashi

Introduction to bio-dynamics

We are happy to tailor any or all of these to your specific requirements. If you have anything you, or your family, or club, or organisation require then please contact us