Team building at Permakai

How has your team fared during Covid? Did two years of remote working and limited face-to-face contact take its toll? Would you like an opportunity for your team to reconnect?

Permakai has teamed up with Blue Borage to bring you a day of activities designed to create opportunities to reconnect. The activities are suitable for everyone and require no special skills. You can be as energetic as you like, or not. It is up to each individual to contribute what they feel comfortable with.

The activities encourage team work and connection, and present an opportunity to learn new skills. More importantly they are hands-on and give a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Composting with Katrina of Blue Borage - learn how to create a bio-dynamic compost pile from material available on the farm.  This is a skill which may come in useful for the keen gardener.

Pest plant removal with Jennifer of Permakai - head into our small forest of native trees and remove the pest plants such as privet, woolly nightshade, and moth plant. The removal of these invaders creates more space for the natives and improves biodiversity. The effect is immediately obvious.

We make a photo log of the activities and supply you with a video memento of your time with us. See below for an example.

Here's what Laura Scaife, Acting Team Leader Compliance Monitoring South at Auckland Council wrote - and the video of their day is shown right

On the day

The day starts with a short safety briefing and a description of the activities. The team then splits into two groups and heads off to either make the compost, or remove pest plants from the forest. Its a short walk through our certified organic market garden. If someone has had enough of one activity they can move to the other, although they seldom do. We break for lunch around midday which can be a shared BYO lunch, or catered. Lunch is served in our purpose built barn around a large table.

After lunch the teams can swap. The activities lend themselves to gentle rivalry - "We made a 500Lt compost pile" or "We cleared 5m2 of forest and filled ten buckets with weeds". This encourages everyone to get involved and pull together to surpass what the other group did. Everything starts to wind down around 3pm and the teams gathers at the barn for informal chatting and further bonding. Nothing is orchestrated - it happens naturally.





We keep this as affordable as possible by keeping it simple.

Up to 10 team members, the cost is $1200 (excl GST)

Between 10 and 15, the cost is $1800 (excl GST)

Above 15 we recommend splitting the team across 2 days.

We have an arrangement with the Frog and Lily a local cafe that uses locally grown food where possible to create amazing lunches. This catering is extra and we provide it at cost plus a small percentage to cover our overhead. Option 1 costs $XX per head, and option 2 costs $YY per head. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know.

Teambuilding request

Please complete this no obligation form so we can provide you with a quote. Since the activities are outside we ask for a rain date, just in case.

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