Permablitz – Saturday 19th March 2022

Its great you have decided to come to our Permablitz. We have now reached our limit of 25 so if you register now you will go on the waiting list and we will let you know if a place comes free.

The day will start at 10:00 with a quick briefing to introduce ourselves and outline the activities on offer. Check out our Health and Safety Policy.  Location is 81B Morley Road, Waiuku. Please bring lunch to share if you wish. A light lunch of soup and bread will be provided and at the end of the afternoon, to honour St. Patricks Day, we will have Guinness and oatmeal biscuits.

We hope the activities we have chosen prove useful to you at home.

Summer pruning with Laurence

Laurence Speedy is an experienced gardener and expert on pruning. He is in charge of the orchard at the Botanical Gardens. You will get hands on experience in the summer pruning of our fruit trees.

Wood chipping with Rory

Enjoy the noise and dust of chipping wood with our Split Fire chipper. The wood chips are an important component of our compost.

Erect a greenhouse with Helen

Akim and Olivia joined us a couple of months ago and are growing a selection of very edible vegetables on part of our property. Akim will lead the construction of a greenhouse for their seedlings.

The joy of transplanting with Olivia

Working with Olivia you will transplant seedlings using a variety of methods.

Getting started with biodynamics with Katrina

Katrina Wolff of Blue Borage Composting Solutions will lead a group in making cow pat pit. If you bring a small terracotta pot with lid then you will be able to take some CPP home for your garden.

Unwanted plant removal with Jennifer

Jennifer will lead a group to identify and remove canna lilies, agapanthas, potato vine, ivy, thistles, roses, privet, tobacco weed ...She will also show how effective an Extractigator can be in removing privet and other unwanted trees.

Germination chamber with Rory

We will convert an old broken fridge into a germination chamber similar to


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Permablitz Registration

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