Pruning workshop

We hold this workshop in the winter and again in the summer.

10:00 Making tree paste
We kick off the workshop by stirring some tree paste. Tree paste is a biodynamic paste that nourishes and strengthens the bark/soil (cambium) of the tree. We will show you how to make it and later how to apply it. Instructions here
11:00 Pruning theory
We cover the reasons to prune plants, why its important to remove deadwood, what the different shaping techniques are and which type of tree is more suited for which shape, and talk about why pruning is important factor in increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits. Watch the presentation slides
12:00 Shared lunch
Please bring a plate to share for lunch. We will provide tea, coffee, and fresh bread
13:00 Pruning practice
We now move to the orchard where the facilitator will outline what pruning he would recommend from a selection of our trees – apple, pear, nectarine, plum, and peach. You will then be split into groups and allowed to decide which branches should be removed on one or more of the trees. You will indicate the branches by tying on coloured wool tags. The facilitator will then lead the discussion at one of the trees referring to the tags. Once it has been decided which branches should go he will demonstrate the correct pruning tool and method.
NOTE: If the weather is not suitable for pruning we will leave the actual cutting to a better day.
Tree paste application
We will round the practical session off by applying the tree paste we have made to a number of the trees.
15:30 Wrap up
Back into our barn for  wrap up, Q & A session, and farewell